Indie movies these days are often credited as being genuine interpretations of life that speak to that portion of the general populous that are sick and tired of mega movie companies casting mega movie stars in mega movie blockbusters. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Christian Bale as The Dark Knight just as much as the next gal, but there is something to be said for a good indie flick. A gritty, out of the box, what-the-fuck-did-I-just-witness type of film. Something that lingers around in that big ol’ brain of yours for longer than the time it takes you to wipe residual popcorn butter off of your fingers (or in my case, lick off, mmmmm movie popcorn). If that is the kind of movie that you appreciate (and come on people, I KNOW you do!) then may I present to you Bellflower. This is a bit of an oldie, 2011 (GASP) but very much worth a mention. It kind of says something about a film when I watched it over a year ago and I want to make it my first post on this here blog.


Bellflower initially plays out like a gritty indie romance, with the couple in question coming off as just a couple of crazy kids in love. Their first date involves disappearing for an all-nighter to drive a few states over so he can take her to a bad ass biker bar, where he even takes a punch in face for her. Sigh….my hero! You really are rooting for these two. But then she goes and breaks his heart and that’s when the movie gets juicy! It’s like Romeo and Juliet on acid baby! He builds a flamethrower and starts a gang named Mother Medusa, she employs the skills of a questionable tattoo artist, they both drink a lot of whiskey, and they basically rip apart each other’s lives, hearts and throats to the very end. The film is so vibrant you almost want to wear sunglasses to watch it. Everything on screen seems to be highlighted and blurred out at the same time. When it was over I looked over at my fellow movie watcher, we wiped the drool from our open mouths and said “Yes, thank you, more please”.

bellflower-movie-image-evan-glodell-800px bellflower-movie-image-slice-800px

I looked into the making of the film after because it seemed so unique, and here is what I found out. The film is written and directed by Evan Glodell, who also stars as the main character. He said that after years of trying to get a job in the industry, he realized that no one really cared to stick their neck out for him so he did it himself. Amen brotha! Apart from being a film wizard he is also very mechanically inclined. So inclined, that he actually built the custom camera that the movie was filmed on, hence the one of kind look. This also explains why there are so many amazing gadgets in the movie:  a flamethrower, a car that dispenses whiskey through the dashboard that is sweetly named Speed Biscuit.  Does this guy sound like your new boyfriend ladies? Yeah I thought so. Oh, and also, the movie was made off a miniscule amount of moola. So the next time you start whining about how you can’t follow your dreams because of a lack of cash flow (I’m mainly talking to myself here) just remember a man named Evan Glodell.


This movie is rad, but not for the faint of heart. If you like movies that make you feel like you need a shower after watching them, then this is it. There you go, you’ve been warned, now go watch it!!


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