Solange Knowles is the hippest Knowles out there. This girl has got her finger on the pulse and if you haven’t already, may I suggest that Solange be the Knowles you keep your eye on. WE LOVE SOLANGE!! And KB loves her most of all (Solange is KB’s celeb soul sister). So when we found out that our girl S was dropping a new album on her own independent record label, Saint Records, we promptly twerked around the entire office with tears of joy running down our faces.


So let’s talk about the album. It’s called Saint Heron, and it is a compilation album featuring artists that are currently signed to Saint Records. It was released on Nov 12/13, and so far reviews have been really great (obviously). And in typical Solange fashion, the release party for Saint Heron was some seriously classy shit.  Rent out Opening Ceremony in New York, check. Have Rashaad Newsome decorate a Lamborghini Murcielago for you to stand in front of, check. Wear the coolest kicks in town, check.  RULE THE WORLD, check.

KBs Celeb Soul Sister

KBs Celeb Soul Sister

Honestly, can Solange become anymore inspiring? She has managed to become a super successful entertainer, trendsetter and businesswoman, while at the same time distinguishing herself from her equally successful older sister (ever heard of Beyonce?). While she started out with a similar pop sound to Bey-Bey, she quickly detoured into soul and Motown. If you can recall last weeks music post writer/producer Dev Hynes, largely contributed to help define Sloange’s new sound which is most true in her hit “Losing you” where she shows off her killer dance moves and fancy printed pant-suits. Her most recent EP, True, took inspiration from New Wave and Dance music, creating a unique sound that is all her own. NEAT cannot wait for her third full length album to be released (on Saint Records of course), and we are hoping that Saint Heron is going to continue with the funky tunes and introduce us to some of the great new artists she has signed to her label. Hey if Solange likes it, we like it.

And can we take a few moments to talk about this lady’s style? Check out her outfit for the release party of Saint Heron. I think KB summed it up perfectly, “I’m going to need some kicks to wear with my cropped dress pants ASAP. Like RIGHT NOW!”.  All those printed pantsuits and turbans and braids and afros! Ladies of the world take note, take serious note, actually take pages and pages of notes. This is how we should all be dressing, all of the time.

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solange collage

The album dropped yesterday and we are really excited for Solange and for Saint Heron. Let us know what you think of the new album!


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