In case you don’t have a foot fetish or you haven’t been your checking your daily fashion blogs lately, allow us to inform you that the sneaker has made a mad fashion comeback. Did it really every leave you idiot? Is what you might be thinking right now as you read through this post. We will agree with you that the classic sneakers, such as Keds and Converse kicks, have always been in constant rotation on our dainty little lady feet. But this past year has shown that the sneaker is being given another chance, reinvented by high fashion designers into drool worthy works of art for your tootsies. Still not sold on wearing running shoes outside of your weekly, or in our case monthly, run? Take a look at the outfits we put together below, to help you navigate through any social situation while wearing a solid, comfortable trainer on your sole. Or as we like to call it here at NEAT, The Mullet Outfit, business above the ankle, party below.

Working Women

No more ballet flats, no more boring black pumps. Instead of changing out of your runners after your walk to work, may we suggest you simply keep those puppies on for the entire day? Consider it casual Friday everyday for your feet. To avoid looking like you forgot to switch shoes at the gym this morning keep the colors bright and fun. A cropped dress pant and a button up blouse are the perfect combination for a trainer at work. Finish it off with some polished accessories and forget all about that bunion surgery you were certain you would need by 50.


1. Mango snake skin shirt  2. River Island gold metallic lightweight parka jacket  3. OPI over the tapue nail polish  4. Nixon watch the dial watch  5. Blanca Monrós Gómez black diamond aura ring  6. Blanca Monrós Gómez dainty stacking pavé ring  7. Matt & Nat dreamed purse  8. Gemma Redux fuschia ombre floral cuff  9. Gemma Redux purple ombre resin stud earrings  10. Nike sneaker  11. Zara cotton trousers

Weekend Warrior

Everybody’s working for the weekend! If you are nervous about trying this trend then the weekend is your place to start. Weekend wear should be fun, casual, and comfortable, which is practically the definition of a sneaker.  To stand out among a sea of classic converse chucks try a bold patterned trainer with different fabric and texture and build your outfit around that. Try mixing patterns and definitely do not wash your hair because it’s the weekend and that’s what toques are for.


1. Gap Camo khakis  2.Gap shirt  3. Lara Bohinc single planet pendant  4. Nixon time teller watch  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs haute mess rubber turnlock bracelet  6.Topshop Jacket 7. Topshop Beanie 8. Kipling bag 9. Stella and Dot cross ring 10. Valentino Garavani sneakers

Night on the Town

Yes heels make your legs look long, your calves look slender, and your butt look perky. But all of this is immediately unnoticed when you are that girl that is falling all over the sidewalk and on the dance floor because of an unmanageable high heel. Switch it up and try a fancy sneaker, we like metallic’s! You can still look like a total sex pot with a bold lip and a fancy coat, but you will also be able to out run everyone to the food trucks at 2 AM. So lace up your kicks and laugh in face of all your high-heeled moaning friends (before piggy-backing them home because their feet are bleeding and they can no longer walk).


1.Topshop Coat 2.  Mango acid wash shirt  3. Stella and Dot rebel pendant  4. Nars scarlet empress lipstick 5. JBrand leather pants  6. Collette Ishiyama maru ring 7. Monica Vinader siren diamond wide ring band  8. Collette Ishiyama emerald tail bracelet 9. Common Projects sneakers

Hopefully this has shown you that a pair of sneakers/trainers/runners can really go with any outfit or any situation (except weddings, we tried but it just didn’t work). The key is to start with the sneaker and build the outfit around that, so the entire look feels polished and pulled together, not sloppy. Send us pictures of your favorite pair of kicks and how you like to style them!



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