Most of us ladies have enough dresses and skirts in our closets to clothe a 12 person traveling drag show for months on end. But how much rotation do these little garments actually get? If you are anything like us NEAT ladies, not a whole lot. We tend to stick with our tried and true dresses and switch up the accessories to keep things so fresh and so clean. But you bought those amazing frocks for a reason, probably because they made you feel like Beyonce opening the 2014 Grammy Awards (like a golden sexy goddess powerhouse mama….”surfboard”), so why are you shoving them into the back of your closet and forcing them to live with your old high school track trophies and clothes moths? It’s time to bring those dresses back out into the light of day and put them to good use, and also towards a good cause….(cue drum roll!)…

The NEAT blog is very excited to be busting out all of our long forgotten dresses and skirts and supporting an amazing cause by participating in JUNE DRESSES™ this year during the month of June!

JUNE DRESSES™ is an exciting campaign developed by United Way to help empower young women in the Calgary area through the use of a garment almost every woman owns, a dress.

“Funds raised through JUNE DRESSES™ support All In for Youth.All In for Youth is a citywide initiative developed by United Way. Its goal is to reduce high school dropouts in Calgary by 50%. A sub-strategy called All In for Girls focuses specifically on female students. Led by United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, All In for Girls empowers Calgary girls to complete high school with confidence, connections and choices.”

 The concept is simple, sign up, wear a dress or skirt every day for the entire month of June (don’t forget to take a daily picture and post it to social media!), have your mom / dad / siblings / besties / teachers / co-workers / starbucksbaristas / thatcuteguythatlivesonthe5thfloorofyourapartmentbuilding sponsor you for wearing an adorable dress every day during the month of June (grueling work), then sit back and bask in the marvelous feeling of giving back to your community.

You may be wondering why the funds are going towards only the Calgary community?  Well this is because JUNE DRESSES™ was conceived in Cowtown with United Calgary and Area and Vista Projects in 2013, 2014 is the second year for JUNE DRESSES™ because of its success last year! So hopefully if there is enough participation again this year, next year you may be able to raise funds for your community as well (come on Vancouver, we got this!).

Think about how empowered and confident you feel when you slip into your favorite dress. Or how amazing and happy your wife/girlfriend/partner looks when they are wearing their favorite skirt. Now imagine if you could take those positive feelings and transfer them to a young girl in your community who is having a tough time in school and thinking about dropping out, that’s would be pretty special wouldn’t it? JUNE DRESSES™ is doing just that, and by donating to or participating in JUNE DRESSES™ you can could also be doing just that.

We realize that the idea of wearing a dress for 30 days may seem daunting but fear not women, let us show you how to recycle your favorite dress throughout the month in a little segment we like to call: One Dress Five Ways!

june dresses fashion collage for the united way campaigne read about it at the neat blog May 30th 2014

1. Aritizia Wilfred free bruni dress  2. Report signature starburst slingback flat 3. Essie bikini so tiny nail polish  4. Zara sweater with chiffon layer  5. Steve madden n-cube scarf  6. Topshop clean zip top clutch  7. Steve Madden bracelet  8. Arbonne blush  9. Komono wizard print 80’s leopard watch  10. Club Monaco campbell loopy cowring 11. Topshop yellow daisy stud earrings

june dresses fashion collage 4  for the united way campaigne read about it at the neat blog May 30th 2014

1. Aritizia Wilfred free bruni dress  2.Converse Jack Purcell sneakers   3. Michael Kors pave stud earrings 4. Komono money penny metallic gold watch 5. Topshop floral bomber 6. ASOS leather backpack 7. Zara necklace 8. Neil Barrett hat  9. Forever 21 ring 10. Bite lip crayon 11. Forever 21 heart ring

june dresses fashion collage 2 for the united way campaigne read about it at the neat blog May 30th 2014

1. Aritizia Wilfred free bruni dress 2. J Crew stretch triangle bracelet  3. h&m earrings  4. Zara metallic wedge with platform sole  5. Zara printed kimono blazer   6. BAGGU small metallic leather clutch 7. watch  8. Eilio Cavallini leopard socks 9. Monica Vinader Baja square ring  10. French Connection sparkle bead ditsy necklace

june dresses fashion collage 5  for the united way campaigne read about it at the neat blog May 30th 2014

1. Aritizia Wilfred free bruni dress 2. Tom’s sunglasses 3. Micheal Kors bracelet 4. Stella & dot cleopatra stud earrings 5. Malene Birger biker jacket/vest 6. Topshop necklace 7. Heilin bag 8. Kelsi Dagger shoes 9. Julia ring 10. A B Davis bracelet 11. Anne Klein watch

june dresses fashion collage 3 for the united way campaigne read about it at the neat blog May 30th 2014

1. Aritizia Wilfred free bruni dress 2.  Monica Vinader atlantis gem ring  3. Hue opaque tights  4. Zara bolero with strass  5. Club Monaco rada spike earrings  6. Joe Fresh oxford shirt  7. Forever 21 double woven bracelet   8.  Forever 21 chain patterned hinge bracelet   9. Zara high heel sandal 10. Pixie Market kiss patent clutch

If you need some real life inspiration check out this post we did a few months ago with this exact same dress and our bodies as the canvas!  And we’re not encouraging ya’ll to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe . . . the point is to stick with what you’ve got and try to come up with as many outfits as you can possibly imagine! Who knew your nana’s hand knit sweater would come in handy for something other than an ugly sweater party?

If you are interested in participating in JUNE DRESSES™ yourself then click here. (What are you waiting for? Go sign up already!)

If you are interested in sponsoring the NEAT blog team for JUNE DRESSES™ click here. (Please please pleeeease sponsor us!). Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @theneatblog to check out our daily dress pictures!

We cannot wait to see everyone in their best frocks for an entire month!


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