Here at NEAT we tend to keep our workout pants (aka yoga pants, workout leggings, compression leggings, the-best-thing-to-happen-to-men-in-womens-fashion-since-the-pushup-bra-pants) on the dark side. Only black spandex need apply here. And this is for one reason and one reason only…Swass, the medical term for ass sweat. It’s hard enough to get through our 10K runs as it is, the last thing we want to worry about is pedestrians wondering if we pissed our pants while running (funny story we actually know a girl who pooped her pants on a run and luckily she was wearing a pair of black luluemon’s, those suckers did their job and kept things contained until she got home). So needless to say in the past we have avoided any type of lighter material on our bottom half when we are lacing up our Nike’s.

But over the past year we have noticed a huge trend in workout gear, leggings and tights are getting a little wild and crazy. Gone is the simple black capri with a solid coloured waist band. Workout gear is becoming nausea triggering and seizure inducing busy. Bring on the bright colours and outrageous patterns, because mama wants to look like an extra for cirque du soleil the next time she hits the gym!

But fear not all you Sweaty Betty’s out there, you too can join in on the outrageous running tight fun. Because while the style and look of our workout clothes are getting a facelift, so is the technology.  Most running and workout tights are now made with extra wicking, super cooling, all around stink proof materials that actually cut down on sweat. Cut down on sweat, not eliminate it. So until the day our yoga pants absorb our crotch sweat discreetly and turn it into sustainable energy to fuel our vehicles, we still have to be somewhat choosey in our choices here, but things have definitely opened up for us sweaty ladies in the workout world.

We have chosen our top picks for some fun workout tights in all different price ranges.  And while we haven’t personally sweat tested these suckers, there are definitely more than a few in the bunch that will accommodate all you sweaty beasts out there.  Just remember, the crazier and brighter the colours and patterns, the more legit you look when you are half-assing those burpees in your outdoor bootcamp.

Low Priced


1. Adidas women’s studio power tight 2. Adidas by Stella McCartney Leggings 3. Onzie monet leggings 4. Forever 21 geo printed running leggings

Mid Priced


1. Running Bare hands off full length tight 2. Lorna Jane Gratitude 7/8 tight 3. Nike performance tights 4. Under Armour studio perfect allover print capri

High Priced

mage of high priced workout leggings read more about it at the neat blog

1. L’URV sunshine seduction floral compression legging 2. CW-X print tights 3. Lucas Hugh shard prism leggings 4. Vie Active rockell elite compression tights

And after talking so much about our  sweaty tendencies we are now off to the doctor’s to check our hormone levels. Seriously, is it ok to sweat this much, yeesh! Let us know your favorite workout pants!


  1. Halvi Reply

    Who isn’t sweating in this summer heat?! Love the price category breakout.

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