It’s that time of year again when the eggnog is flowing, the gingerbread are dancing and the good times are rolling. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love Christmas. I mean, it’s not Halloween, but any holiday that supports me getting presents (did I just say that?), old men with beards, and eating to the point of a food coma… I’m all for it!


As well, holidays give us the opportunity to get dressed up in as much gold and glitter that we own – while wearing a terrible knit sweater our grandma made for us. I mean, does life get any better than that? The answer is no, no it does not.


Personally I am all in for the gold and glitter, but every Christmas I have been blessed to be able to spend it with my family out at our lake cottage. And being at the cottage makes me want to hold off on the glam (only for a day or two) and put on some of my more comfortable old-fashioned Canadian cottage attire. No, not sweat suits, though I must admit those are great! I’m talking about cottage chic, more or less.


That is why this week my outfit is mostly bought from local stores in Edmonton or Canadian owned shops and inspired by Canadian colors. I think this year, more so than any, is a good time to support local and Canadian own stores. I am personally trying to support the Canadian economy by purchasing all my gifts and Christmas outfits from local and Canadian merchants, also taking a cue from Jenny’s post yesterday. Because Canadian artist’s gotta eat too ya know?! Challenge, how many times can you insert ‘Canadian’ into a paragraph? Bet you can’t beat my whopping 7!!








Club Monaco leather gloves (similar here), Thrifted coat, Hudson’s Bay Company scarf, Simons tights, Aldo shoes, Workhall Studio autner ink dress, Farmer’s Market ring from Victoria

So this year instead of hitting up Amazon for all of your gift giving needs, try to hit up some amazing local stores and designers. It’s a win-win for Canadian’s everywhere.

Hope ya’ll have an awesome holiday filled with family, friends, liquor and dance parties.

Over and out – LB

Photos by Alex Fong

Leslie loves pink, chocolate and any making utterly ridiculous faces that could scare the pants off the gnarlyest of con-men. Leslie can be found sniping kittens, puppies, bunnies – basically anything that has four legs and fur – from local animal shelters, her love for pets is out of control, which is what we love about her. When LB is not lurping around her local watering hole she is saving lives as a Registered Nurse in the City of Champions.

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