We are back with another installment of NEAT Instagram Round Up and today we are inspired by the beautiful and artful lives of these beautiful and artful people. Who lives like these people? All of these accounts are so wonderfully curated we want to BE these people. Or marry them or be their BFF’s or whatever. I can’t even imagine the effort that goes into curating these accounts so good on you! And thank you for inspiring us to add a little beauty into our everyday lives.

Kayla’s Pick



Sam Ushiro is a super new blogger who is an expert in all things colour, as well as a donut connoisseur. Her perfectly styled over the top photos give you a small glimpses into (I’m sure) her over the top rainbow styled life. I want to live behind her eyes.

Sarah’s Picks


I constantly get lost in Malia Mau’s bohemian California lifestyle. I love the muted color palette which creates this dreamy and calming feeling. Also, her jewelry is amazingly beautiful, humble and well-crafted. She carves each piece by hand using only recycled metal. You can check her work out on her website or wait for my store Fieldstudy to open this fall in the Mission area of Calgary to try her pieces on.


Image of instagram account @local_milk for our lifestyle Instagram roundup, read more about it at the neat blog

#theartofslowliving – An inspiring page where each photo is a work of art. The places, the food, the landscapes, and the designs are all a dreamscape for the imagination. I love getting lost in her world.

That’s it for today geeks! Check out our previous Instagram Round Ups on Photography/Visual Porn, Fashion/Style and Art/Design!


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