Hello babes, we are back this week with Genvieve’s follow up installment to her Stuff You Can Wear post featuring local YYC and YEG fashion designers. The artist featured in these post’s are people making crazy beautiful shit that isn’t massed produced in China and won’t make you feel like a terrible person for purchasing it. Doesn’t that sound nice? This week G is talking about Stuff You Can Look At in Calgary, so art and design in all mediums. Take a look below to see what local artists are giving G a lady boner on the regular.


Graphic, colourful, and bold are the three words that come to mind when thinking of Komboh. You’ll see lots of inspiration from the world of old-school games like Mario and Donkey Kong. You’ll also find understated beauty in his travel posters enticing you to visit planets from the Star Wars Universe. Remember those cute chalk figures decorating the 4th street underpass? That was your boy Komboh. Most recently, he designed the artwork for the video game-themed CJSW Funding Drive, with his designs on everything from mugs to tshirts to stickers.

Image of artists T-shirts from Komboh, read more about it on The NEAT Blog

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Ink Smashed Artists

Wreaking havoc on paper, this trio of artists get right into blowing your mind. They released a book called “Creatures” featuring an alphabet of fantastical animals. Many of them you’ve never heard of, and most of them you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. These three have done everything from cards and other paper goods to the best magnetic paper doll ever birthed to this earth.

Image of art on skateboards by Inked Smashed Artists, read more about it on The NEAT Blog

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Jarett Sitter

The dude has a feel for the world of nature in a way you’ve never seen it before. His illustrations are populated with creatures you’ve seen before and some you’ve never imagined. You feel like you’ve stumbled into the cosy storybook world of your childhood, with a bit of a dark side. His illustrations have been the cover art for many an issue of FFWD (RIP), and on CD and record sleeves. He’s also a skilled animator; you may have seen his work in music videos for Mother Mother and Walk Off The Earth, and in promotional videos for the Calgary Underground Film Festival. As if that wasn’t enough, his “eco graffiti” has been a feature of the Beakerhead festival as well.

Image of Calgary artist Jarett Sitter, read more about it on The NEAT Blog

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Stay tuned for G’s last installment featuring local artists, Stuff That Goes In Your Home. It’s going to be magical!

Stay local friends.


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