I do not usually consider myself a label Hoe — As you have seen from my past posts, I am partial towards second hand clothes and I occasionally steal things out of my grandma’s closet.

But every once and awhile, a girls got to Treat Her Self, so when I came across a Pink (my favorite color) Flamingo Print (my favorite tropical bird) Buttoned dress I had to have it! It was almost like Kate Spade herself made this dress for me. Because of that, I have made it my goal to show off this dress as much as possible. Ever since this dress entered my life, we have gone on many fine adventures: brunch at hotel MacDonald, bridal showers in Vegreville, weddings in Edson and now, it has now made its debut on the NEAT Blog . . . along with every small town in Alberta.







Let’s talk for a little bit about how this is the most perfect wedding outfit. We’ve all been there with the mixed wedding fashion faux pas. Can I wear black? Is white stealing the show from the bride? What if I wear the same colour as the bridesmaids?! What in the fuck are the wedding colours even? If you pick something with a flamingo pattern, or a pattern in general, I can almost guarantee you that you won’t be dressed the same as the bridesmaids OR the bride. A solid colour is always risky, so it’s best to play it safe with an outlandish pattern or print. And if you are worried about white, a white background never hurt anyone. No matter the event, I am always feeling on point in this outfit. As well, there has not been an occasion that I have worn this little number and not gotten at least one compliment.

And when you look this good a girl needs two photographers, right? Thank you so much Jl for coming out with Alex and I and taking photos of me from all angles – through water, clouds, rain and my semi-transparent umbrella. You can thank my sister for the last minute organization of the shoot, fool.





Image of Leslie Browne wearing her flamingo dress for wedding season, read more about it at then neat blog

Finally, lets talk about what we all have been thinking about. Them shoes. I heard the Spaniards have a solid shoe game but it wasn’t until my recent trip to Spain that I truly understood this. There were so many beautiful shoes in Spain that it felt like you could find a pair of leather shoes to take home at almost any store you’ve entered. But for me, nothing compared to Neosens. The quality, colors, designs, everything about them is perfection. As far as wedding attire goes, I think flat oxfords are totally overlooked re: them not considered appropriate formal wear attire. If you add a little pop with a pair of funky socks it takes the shoes to an entire other level of fancy. It magically turns them into going out flats. Think Cinderella and her glass slipper.

Well NEAT Geeks that it for me. Hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to TREAT YOURSELF to something fancy this week. LB out.

Kate Spade flamingo fit and flare dress, Kate Spade cape drive harriet purse, American Apparel bubble umbrella, Neosens s895 hondarribi shoes, Coat similar here

Photos taken by Alex Fing Fong Photo Takers Corp. and Jl Aquino


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    Love this LB! could not be happier I jumped onto this blog & will be back!

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