We are back with another Instagram round up and in honor of the upcoming long weekend here in Canada (Yay Canada Day!) and our binge eating tendencies on said long weekend we have decided to pick a few of our top food Instagram accounts. We let Suzanne take the reigns on this one as she is our resident porky pig and let us tell you, this was not an easy category to narrow down. There are so many amazing food accounts on Instagram. We are beginning to think that Instagram was started for food porn and food porn only! Suzanne wanted to include a list of at least 30 accounts on this list but we realize your time is precious and you can only allocate so much time to staring at amazing food before you actually have to physically go out and eat amazing food. So without further ado, Suzy give’s you her favourite food Instagram accounts of the moment!

Suzy’s Picks


Images of instagram photos of Dominique Ansel's food, read more about it on the NEAT blog

This is the man the invented the Cronut, so he’s basically God in my books. Dominique Ansel in Pastry Royalty but seems to have managed to hold onto his sense of childhood whimsy when it comes to his baking. I mean, cookie shots, I’ll take ten please! There is a reason people wait in line for hours for one of his treats. 


Images of cake from the instagram account Drake on Cake, read more about it on the NEAT blog

Drake’s lyrics on top of a myriad of different cakes. That’s what this account is all about and it makes me very happy. 


Images of instagram photos of Eric Saltz's food, read more about it on the NEAT blog

Not all of my picks are pastry related, but it does take a special chef to pull me to the dark side of savoury, and Eric Saltz does just that. I have to put on a bib before I scroll through his account because the salivating gets out of hand. He manages to make the most simple food, like a burger and fries, look equally as delicious as some of the more fancy pants creations his makes. And when I say fancy pants I mean diamond encrusted dipped in the tears of a unicorn fancy. Phytoplankton financier with caviar, preserved truffle and wasabi root kosho? Sure Eric, if you say it’s edible I trust you. Just keep coming at my with those dark moody photos of your food (such a lovely change from all the whitewashed images of Instagram) and my tastebuds and insta-likes are all yours. 


Images of cake from instagram account cakes by cliff, read more about it on the NEAT blog

This is Cliff and these are his cakes. And when he refers to himself as a “casual foodie” in his Instagram bio I kind of want to tell him to go fuck himself because his cakes are anything but casual, they are everything that is good and holy in this world. But I would never say that to Cliff because I am secretly hoping we become best friends and that friendship leads to cakes like this for my birthday. A girl can dream. 


Images of bread from instagram account pips bread, read more about it on the NEAT blog

This one is dedicated to all of the bread heads out there who are like where the fuck is the gluten?! Scrolling through this account always makes me want to crawl through the screen and nestle in between all of those warm loaves of bread and just eat myself into 2025. Nom Nom Nommmmm.

We have one more Instagram roundup coming your way so stay tuned! And don’t forget to check out our previous instagram roundups on lifestyle, fashion, photography and art/design.


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