This week for our Instagram round up we are looking at how social media can be used to promote social change. Don’t get us wrong, for the most part we are just trolling through insta looking for #ootd and #foodporn posts. But these amazing activists break up the silliness of our feed and make us feel like staring at our phones all day maybe isn’t melting our brains like wax crayons in the sun.

Take a look below to feel inspired. 

Alex’s Pick


Images of Pete Muller's instagram photos, read more about it on the NEAT Blog

If you are interested in learning more about conflicts and other issues in post-colonial states (like in Africa), then this Instagram account is one to follow and check up on daily. Not only is Pete an amazing photographer who has shot for Nat Geo, Time magazine etc, he is also an incredible visual story-teller (along with a great writer as well). Whether it is photos of families in Africa … or in the Ukraine (his most recent work etc), all these images really capture the mood on what’s happening in other parts of the world. I thoroughly enjoy reading his stories/captions under each IG photo that he uploads. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Africa in the near future to witness all the things he has been experiencing! Check out his amazing series of Ebola in Sierra Leone. I guarantee you will be left speechless with how beautifully captured all the images are.

Suzy’s Picks


Images of Sarah Sophie Flicker's instagram photos, read more about it on the NEAT Blog

If there was every such a thing as a humanist than Sarah Sophie Flicker is it. She is the real deal. Using her platform on Instagram to inform and educate instead of preach, she so passionately and respectfully brings to light that suffering of one person is the suffering of all people. I want to be her when I grow up. 


Images of Sophie Gamand's instagram photos, read more about it on the NEAT Blog

An artist who photgraphs shelter dogs (mainly pitbulls)  in floral crowns to bring awareness to animal cruelty, animal rights and shelter adoption? If you don’t find this heartwarming you are a robot. 

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Happy insta trolling!


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