August is a weird time. The patios start to be closed on colder days. Ten-degree days – cause for shorts and celebration in January – are occasions to bust out the sweaters. For some it’s also time to prep for back to school.

So if you’re unpacking your fall layers, sharpening your pencils, or sucking back that last summer pint, here’s a playlist to make sure you’re ready for the last few days of August.

It’s a bit sunshiney and fun, but has some crunchier moments. Like someone giving you an ice cream cone as you nurse a nasty case of road rash from wiping out on your scooter.

Savour the sweetness, my friends. Remember the good stuff, and remember that Fall’s got its charms, too.

Enjoy those last days of summer!


Geneviève (NOT Genny) Dale is a student and host of Primary Colours on CJSW 90.9 fm, which airs from 4-6pm, conveniently during your ride home on the worst day of the week, Monday. It’s planned that way so Geneviève can brighten your day. She’s a local music junkie and concert hops like it’s her full time job… because for a long time, it was. She thought about growing out her pixie cut for a while, but you just gotta be you, ya know? Check out her street cred here.

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