Sometimes love happens in the most unusual of places, case in point a craft fair. But when we laid our eyes on pieces from Andronyk Jewelry at the New Craft Coalition it was definitely love at first sight. To say we were smitten is an understatment. Jeanie Andronyk of Andronyk Jewelry has a way of making her rings feel modern, ancient and otherworldly all at the same time. And the fact that she is a Canadian gal has us feeling oh so patriotic!

When we heard that Jeanie was going to be coming to Calgary on her Western Canadian Ring Tour we knew we had to chat with her about Andronyk Jewelry and get our chubby little sausage fingers on her rings! Needless to say the interview and the rings did not disappoint.

Image of rings by Andronyk jewelry, read more about it at the neat blog

Image of rings by Andronyk jewelry, read more about it at the neat blog

 NEAT: Your jewelry is so beautiful and unique! What is the inspiration behind the designs?

Jeanie Andronyk: Thank you so much! All of my collections are thematic, based on various interplanetary concepts. My first collection, Infinite, deals with celestial bodies and the vastness of the universe; the second, Discovery, explores the textures and geology of other planets; and my most recent, Folia, is based on alien plant life, and will be released in November. I’m so excited to show it, I’ve been working on the concept for a while, watching “Fantastic Planet” over and over. That will give you weird dreams, I have to say.

N: What is the artistic process for designing your jewelry?

JA: Well, I like things to be weird and sci-fi, but I still want to make them wearable and palatable, chic and subtle. My process includes a lot of mood boards, a lot of movie watching, and getting a general feel for an idea. I gobble as much data as possible (whether it be visual or not), and then I start to chunk it all down and process it. A lot of pieces come from my experiments within the boundaries of a concept. I love making the ethereal into a concrete material form.

N: What is inspiring you these days?

JA: I really like the capsule collection/minimalist aesthetic these days, where folks are very carefully curating their whole aesthetic. It inspires me to make interesting pieces to accent that aesthetic in a way that connects to their personality and for people to have those timeless sculptural pieces for their whole lifetime. Keeping things unisex/all sex so that this whole ring thing isn’t so gendered is also important to me.

Image of rings by Andronyk jewelry, read more about it at the neat blog

N: Is Andronyk Jewelry your only creative outlet or do you like to pursue other artistic endeavors?

JA: I’m deep in the jewelry obsession, no joke. In my life I’ve dabbled so much in other artistic arenas, but I feel truly fulfilled by metal. When I do take time away from jewelry, it’s to make things that will kick start my creativity to create jewelry pieces. My favorite days are when I can treat myself to a do-nothing-but-make-weird-things days that don’t include jewelry specifically, but then the inspiration comes from those bizarre sculptures or drawings.

N: Do you have any tips for someone who may come to you for a custom piece or may be seeing you for a consultation for the first time? 

JA: I love hearing people’s ideas of what they are looking for! So my tip would be to not be shy about giving me any and all ideas that you have. Have a favorite song? Can’t stop wearing the same nail polish color? Have a favorite architectural photograph from your trip to Eastern Europe? Non-jewelry visuals are awesome for my brain, and adjectives work great too! Like I said before, I love processing all of the random idea data and refining it into something beautiful. No idea is too out there; my favorite thing is translating those ideas into wearable pieces that are personalized to someone’s lifestyle.

N: Tell us about your western Canadian tour and how people can set up consultations with you?

JA: My tour is one of the most fun things that I’ve been doing. I live on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, which can be problematic for people who are tactile and need to touch the rings before they buy, so I decided to tour around to various cities, where people can book a personal appointment to view, try on, and customize their rings. I get to meet my clients personally, and they get to meet the craftsperson behind their engagement or wedding rings, which is something we can really remember and value together. They also get to see sneak peeks of new experimental designs, and my newest collection!

If anyone is looking around for rings and resonates with my work, I’d love to meet up while I’m in town! Info can be found at I’ll be in Calgary on October 15th, Edmonton on October 18th, and Vancouver on October 23rd.

Image of rings by Andronyk jewelry, read more about it at the neat blog

Thank you so much to Jeanie for letting us interview you and for letting us try on your rings, they are even more beautiful in person and we highly suggest anyone who is searching for a ring to make an appointment to see her. It will be love at fist sight, we promise (with the rings that it, we can’t promise a love connection with Jeanie, although she is pretty cute).

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