Subconsciously, and consciously, we are all shaped by experiences from our childhood.  For example I will never forget the nasty ass smell of this terrible perfume my older brother got my mum for Christmas one year. And I will never be able to enjoy the delectable combination of chocolate and mint because another Christmas when I OD’d on After Eight mints by polishing off an entire box to myself in one sitting. I was sick, very sick. Natural consequence: the thought of chocolate and mint to this day makes me cringe (spoiler for our next food post!!!). When I put together this outfit I didn’t necessarily have my favourite childhood toy on my mind… but after seeing it in photos I can’t get the image of the purple My Little Pony out of my head. My Little Pony is apparently always with me. It was my absolute favourite toy hands down any day of the week, any time of the year. You wanted to play with them, watch the cartoon or just comb their manes? I was your gal.

There is no shame in dressing like your favourite childhood toy (unless it’s Barbie). And there is no shame in your favourite childhood toy being My Little Pony. I was never taken with dolls. I used to pop Barbie’s head off after I gave her a mean buzz. My little sister was not impressed with all her beheaded Barbie’s (sorry Les).






I kept it real with My Little Pony and for whatever reason some part of their mane, body, faux tattoo colour combination really stuck with me. The ponies were typically one colour and then different tones of that same colour for all parts of their body. In this case I am representing the purple My Little Pony. As if you couldn’t tell??

When using your favourite childhood toy inspiration for an outfit it would be good to do what Suzanne and I did this one beautiful Autumn day. We consignment shop hopped all over Calgary and apparently I looked for everything in shades of purple, indigo and blue. What’s great about consignment shopping is you are sure to find some seriously unique items at great prices. Some of our favourite shops to hit up in YYC are Fond Boutique, Peacock Consignment Boutique, Danielle’s Consignment Boutique, SalvEdge Boutique and Vespucci – just to name a few! Seriously, when looking to do something as unique as dressing like your favourite childhood toy you have got to get unique and original with your shopping approach!






Sweater and shirt from Peacock Consignment Boutique, Kate Hewko Nancy ring, Martin Dhust wallet, EVStenroos BFF 3d printed bangles, Club Monaco pants, Vince heels, Red Ribbon Boutique scarf

Photos by Suzanne Stewart from NEAT


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