This one’s named after that piece of string that kept your mittens tethered to your jacket. You know, the one your mom insisted on but made you feel like a big baby? I don’t know about you, but these days I’d love to have that kind of security. Especially in the holiday season, where party attending and party planning seem to take over every aspect of daily life.

If you need a little sanity saving on the car trip to your grandma’s or between the Ugly Christmas Sweater and White Elephant Gift parties, this playlist may just be the ticket.

Nary a traditional Christmas song to be found, and that’s intentional. You’ll be hearing enough of that. No, this is a collection of songs to soundtrack your winter wanderings, evoking the most picturesque of snowy days, midnight ice skating parties, and long mornings in your PJs. Enjoy!

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    Those are enough homemade musical instruments to keep us busy all winter and hopefully for you and yours too!

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