Let’s be honest, certain colours get more love than the rest. There are always the crowd pleasers; Indigo, Poppy Red, Heather Grey. They are what we consider the Queen colours.  Nobody is going to raise an eyebrow at you for wearing these gems. But what about those outlier colours?  The ones that are more likely to get criticism over praise.  Or at the very least be over looked in stores or pushed to the bottom of the closet? I am thinking muted yellows or neon oranges to give you an idea. These are hard ones to pull off for sure, but they deserve some love too!

Case in point: this baby poop green combo, or at least this is what I am calling it. I believe that American Apparel is calling this colour Fennel Melange.  How fancy. Regardless of what you want to call this colour, I realize that it’s not the most popular shade out there or the easiest to pull off. I know this because there was an entire rack of these outfits on sale when I spotted them across the floor.  And it was cheap, oh so cheap. But I am always up for a challenge and I knew this outfit just needed the right supporting cast to make it shine.

For starters, you need to stop calling some colours ugly and some beautiful. This is 2017 and we are all about inclusivity and all of that hippie bullshit, so treat each colour as an equal! Next, get over the idea that certain colours are unflattering on you. Green is just a heading for an entire catalogue of shades.  If you don’t believe me than go peruse the paint aisle at Canadian Tire. There is a shade of every colour for every person out there. So baby poop green isn’t your colour?  Maybe baby vomit green is instead, a little less brown and a tad more yellow? Who knows?! The point I’m trying to make is that when you decide that an entire colour looks bad on you than you are closing the door to so many amazing looks.

Sometimes looking at a colour on its own can be misleading; obviously dirt brown is going to look like a bag of assholes when you are staring at it on its own. This is where those bright crowd pleasing colours come into play as accents, which is exactly what I did here with my bright red mittens. Also try to pull out some of the undertones of the colour.  It can really change the shade, like this mustard necklace. And if colour isn’t your thing than stick with neutrals to play up the look but have more fun with pattern.

But ultimately if you love a colour, but have been avoiding it because someone saw your Grade 7 picture once and commented on how that burnt orange GAP t-shirt really brought out your pre-adolescent acne, why not give it another go? And while you are at it why not call up that asshole and tell them to shove it.  You might be surprised, sometimes the most unexpected colours can turn into a closet staple.

American Apparel skirt, American Apparel shirt, Poppy Barley chelsea boot, Danielle’s Consignment jacket, Mango necklace, Kombi red leather mittens, Zo-on Iceland toque, Leather Utilities zip purse

Photos by Alex Fong’s Fantastic Photos

-KB + SS

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      Thanks Auntie Cindy!! The coat was a great fined 🙂

  1. An admirer Reply

    Yes the colours are great but the real star is the red mittens.

    Red gloves would be a nice but safe choice.
    But the mittens say so much

    Yes I am stylish but more than that I am fun and I will always be that kid.

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