Certain colours speak to you throughout your life. We’ve talked a lot about Power Colours on NEAT, those colours that resonate with you and make you feel beautiful and powerful when you wear them. These colours tend to show up in our lives over and over again.  Mainly because we choose them when given a choice, but also because we are drawn to them intrinsically. While your eyes may pass over a royal purple scarf someone behind you may taking eight of them to the checkout.  The amazing thing about wrapping yourself in your favourite colours is because this simple act holds so much power in it. The power to lift your lift your spirits and affect your mood.

However some people can have a hard time choosing what colours speak to them. Maybe it’s because as we get older there is less colour variety in adult clothing? I’m fairly certain I could shop at any number of stores downtown today and find a black or grey women’s pantsuit. But go on the search for a teal pantsuit and you will be shit out of luck my friend. Yet you can walk into any childrens store and find that most of the clothing is bright and colourful. This is just another unfortunate reminder that becoming an adult is the pits. I’m not sure when colour became a marker for immaturity but it is complete bullshit if you ask me. Growing up is hard enough, do we really have to dress in drab depressing colours on top of it?

If you are struggling to find colours for your wardrobe that will lift your spirits and lighten your mood then take my one suggestion; look back to your childhood. What was your favourite colour as a kid? Is there a specific t-shirt you wore so religiously that your mom had to slip it off you when you were sleeping in order to wash it because that is the only time you allowed it off your body, when you were unconscious? What did that t-shirt look like and how does remembering that shirt make you feel? Chances are you will feel the same way if you seek out clothes now in similar colours.

But don’t just stop at the clothes you wore. When I was 12 my mom let me paint my room any colour I wanted. I was certain I wanted hot pink walls but I felt I needed an accent colour to compliment the look. And by that I mean I felt I needed to take advantage of my mothers sweet disposition by choosing several different colours until she finally said no. When we went to the store to get paint a worker there pulled out a colour wheel to show me that greens complimented pinks quite nicely. I was immediately drawn to a lime green/chartreuse shade. Armed with two buckets of paint I went home with my mom and painted the walls of my bedroom hot pink, with an accent wall of pink and lime green diamonds. We did this while my dad was away on a work trip so he wouldn’t have a chance to naysay the entire thing.  I remember feeling so proud of that room. And while my mom would laugh and question how I could fall asleep in such a wild place (I also had a zebra print bedspread), I would lie awake at night feeling beyond happy and content in my space. Skip to the present and it still remains my favourite colour combination.

We tend to seek out what we love, or maybe it seeks us out. So try to remember what you were drawn to as a child, I guarantee you’ll start seeing it everywhere in clothes. I also guarantee it make you feel pretty radical if you start wearing more of it.

Thrifted coat (similar here), American Apparel t-shirt, Missguided pencil skirt (similar here), thrifted sheer polka dot dress (similar here)

Photos by Kayla Browne from NEAT



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    You are so adorable – I love everything about this post and the two of you! Much love xo AldonaB


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