It’s been a while since we put out any new desktop wallpapers and we have been itching to get back into the wallpaper game. It’s best not to stay out of the limelight for too long, there are so many younger perkier wallpapers just waiting to take your place, rendering you obsolete very quickly. So when Shea Kerwood, Creative Director of the Calgary based branding company Brandsmith, agreed to collaborate with NEAT on a new desktop wallpaper we were thrilled. And when Brandsmith’s Senior Graphic Designer, Ian Macfarlane got in on the action we nearly pooped our pants in excitement!

Brandsmith is an amazing branding company full of talented creatives who are bringing beauty to Calgary through their unique and innovative brand development.  And this made us think, why don’t they bring some of that beauty to NEAT. So don’t worry folks, you and your screens are in good hands with this wallpaper.

NEAT supplied the inspiration and ideas, which consisted of food and fashion, out two favourite things (duh!) and Brandsmith did the rest. So when little sushi-men started cannonballing into ramen bowls we knew this was going to be special. Say goodbye to that picture of Yosemite National Park or those horses in Iceland, and say hello to your new best desktop wallpaper friend. Falling asleep at your desk on the job will be hard to do when you’ve got this funky lady staring back at you from your screen.

Image of our wallpaper edition number 7 created by our collaboration with Brandsmith, read more about it at the neat blog

Download the wallpaper from the link that fits the resolution of your screen!

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You can follow Brandsmith on instagram @brandsmith_studio

You can follow Ian Macfarlane on instragram @mr_letter_head



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