Believe it or not, NEAT tries to live an active lifestyle. Mainly to combat all of the cheese we like to eat on the weekends, but also because it’s good for you and we don’t want to die of a massive coronary at the age of 50. But mostly we do it for the treats.  And like most people we can get bored of our usual workout routine pretty quickly so we like to switch things up every now and then.

This summer was one of those times, and we didn’t just switch it up, we shook it up in a big way! We started taking classes at Lagree YYC and have since become hooked to this challenging full body workout.

Image of Kayla Browne and Suzanne Stewart doing Lagree YYC, read more about it at the neat blog

Image of Kayla Browne and Suzanne Stewart doing Lagree YYC, read more about it at the neat blog

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And before you chalk this one up to another fitness trend let us explain why we love this workout so much. Lagree is a full body workout that touches on so many different fitness aspects. The goal of a Lagree workout is to cover cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility. So you know how you’ve been to “full body workout” classes that leave you feeling as if you could have been worked harder? Lagree isn’t like that. You leave each class feeling like you’ve pushed yourself to your limit, or you end up crumpled in the corner calling out for your Mom. Which is our sign of a good workout.

Here is how Lagree works; the entire workout takes place on their patented Megaformer. (Say that with an Arnie accent). Don’t be intimidated by the name or the look of the machine. We like to think of the Megaformer as a Pilate’s reformer all gooned up on juice. The Megaformer has a spring loaded moving platform with several different cables and pulley’s that are used throughout workout.

Image of Kayla Browne and Suzanne Stewart doing Lagree YYC, read more about it at the neat blog

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Once you are on the Megaformer your instructor will lead you through a series of slow and controlled exercises that target your slow twitch muscle fibers. Typically you will repeat the movements to a count of 4 seconds for 1-2 minutes.

We won’t lie, the first few times you do this it is insanely difficult. If you are anything like us your body isn’t used to engaging your muscles for such an extended period of time. Oh and did we mention that the Megaformer can be weighted with different spring loads to increase the difficulty? So while you build up strength and stamina and your body starts to recognize the exercises, the workout continues to challenge you because you can always increase the spring load. No slacking in this class people!

Outfits courtesy of Sport Chek Women

The idea behind these slow sustained movements is that it will help to build long lean muscles. Basically what every woman says to her trainer, boyfriend, best friend, co-worker, IT guy, barista, eyebrow girl and anyone who will listen; I want to get lean, not bulky. If that’s your goal then this workout is for you.

And because the workout is intense, and touches on all body parts, it’s only 45 minutes long! How amazing is that? You can fit a Lagree into any busy schedule and come away feeling like you’ve just done the best workout of your life, every time. You also may come away needing a shower and a drink but it’s not a good workout if you don’t, right

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In summary if you are looking for something new to try, want to see tangible results, or just want to switch things up with your fitness routine than we highly suggest you check out Lagree YYC. Your booty and washboard abs can thank us later.

Photos by Sarah Knorr


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