There are those songs that make you sneak-dance. You know, when you are covertly stepping in-time to the beat and subtly air-drumming on your shopping cart? I’m mostly asking to make sure it isn’t just me.

These are the kinds of tunes that make you feel like you’re in a real-life musical starring you. The feeling of being in a starring role can put an extra spring in your step and push you into new levels of greatness.

What gets me strutting in the morning is upbeat pop with lady vocalists, and luckily, we are in an era where women are dominating the pop world. This playlist is jammed with hits from the past few years, and a few songs of the 2017 summer. It’s short – so save it for the end of your commute or for maybe for right after your alarm goes off. I know from experience it is a great soundtrack for eyeliner application.

Enjoy, and I hope to see more folks busting some low-key moves out in the world.



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