As Canadian kids, I think we can all recall that one Halloween costume we were super excited to wear. No matter if it came off a sewing machine at home or one of those crinkly plastic drugstore bags, there was that one character you just had to be. But then the sun would set. You’d grab a pillowcase and tie the UNICEF coin box around your neck, and stuff that beautiful costume under a parka. Your face paint would get smudged every time you adjusted your toque with clumsy mitten hands. Well-meaning grownups would ask you what you were, and you’d have to explain that beneath your marshmallowy exterior lived a princess, a superhero, or perhaps a cartoon character. The whole experience was generally underwhelming, except for the candy. Those sweet treats that you’d sort and put in a strict hierarchy once you got home. There’d be the ones you would happily trade, and the gross ones you’d pawn off on your younger siblings (mea culpa). Occasionally, you’d get the holy grail of treats: the full-size chocolate bars. You didn’t know these people per se, but they instantly earned your respect for being so freaking cool.

Halloween is different for grownups. I think we all aspired to be the full-size bar adult, and whether we are there or not, it’s good to give back. And yes, it still counts if you eat one treat for every one you actually give out. Maybe you live in a building that is sparse on the trick-or-treating front, or are hiding out from the ghosts and goblins in your basement this year. Whatever it is you’re doing, it can’t hurt to have a soundtrack.

Below are songs that are either straight up spooky, or provide some bone-chilling atmosphere to play in the background of your Halloween activities this year. This playlist has got everything from John Carpenter to Lydia Lunch, so there’s something to give everyone goosebumps. Pop this on, unwrap some fun size goodies, and have a wonderful Hallow’s Eve!


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