Puffer coats are a staple for winter weather. But sometimes you need to take it up a notch and ask your outerwear to do more for you, to be bigger than a winter coat, to be better than just shield you from the cold. Sometimes you need your outerwear to become your inner wear (but not your underwear, although we wouldn’t be opposed to that).

Any one who has a shit metabolism, a sluggish thyroid, or is a woman understands that being cold, especially during winter, is not just reserved for the outdoors. In fact feeling uncomfortably cool indoors is almost a right of passage in Canada. We are pretty sure that a strong case can be made for most office workers in Canada having hypothermia at some point during the winter months just by sitting at their desk all day. And anyone who has a Dad or any type of father figure in their life understands that the thermostat was off limits growing up and wearing a toque, long johns and wool socks in the house was not child abuse but rather austerity measures.

But being cold all day fucking sucks. And having to keep your coat on indoors sucks even more because you end up spending eight months of the year feeling and looking like a marshmallow all for the sake of your core body temperature. So maybe it’s time we ask for more from our clothes. Maybe we demand that our clothes have both function and style. Maybe it’s time we start wearing puffer dresses!

Think about it. Insulated little pockets of down filled goodness that keep you sweating like a Priest in a playground all day long while people around you shiver in boring cotton and itchy wool. A dress that is puffy enough to double as a walking sleeping bag for impromptu naps, but sleek enough to wear out for dinner with the in-laws (which may also lead to an impromptu nap). A fashion item that will keep you warm even when when the bitchy server seats you directly under the air vent at your favourite restaurant. A technical dress that shelters you from both the bitter cold and bitter fashion critics!

We think we’ve made our point, the puffer dress is the most practical winter fashion item a girl can own during these winter months. So what are you waiting for? Go find one! Now excuse us while we go investigate outerwear as underwear, we think we may be on to something…

Puffer Dress from Ludonna, United Nude step mobius chelsea boot (also worn here), Fur headband (also worn here), EVStenroos custom stacker ring, Thrifted belt

Photos from Suzanne Stewart from NEAT


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