We are trying something new here at NEAT where we round up a few of our favourite things of the moment and share them with you so that they can become your favourite things as well. Then we can slowly morph into the same person and take over the world one clone at a time. Interested in world domination? Cool, check it out below.


Looking for tights in every colour of the rainbow? Looking to cover up the millions of mystery bruises you have all over your legs (fighting a ghost in your sleep, obviously)? Look no further then From Rachel tights. They offer every style, pattern and colour of tights that you can imagine and they deliver right to your door, just like your vibrators! They even have a section for “Fantasy” tights, we will leave that to you to explore you saucy minx.


Women are nuanced, like onions, so many layers. Many of us enjoy wearing lipstick, but we also enjoy stuffing our faces with pastrami sandwiches, having sloppy make out sessions in the back of cabs and being able to pull white turtlenecks over our heads without getting said turtlenecks dirty. Those things can be difficult to do when wearing traditional lipstick. Enter LipSense.  Touted as “shellac for you lips” this wonder lipstick goes on then stays on for up to 18 hours. It’s doesn’t smudge, budge, bleed or transfer. It just sits there and makes your lips look amazing. Trust us, this one has been testing NEATs Suzanne on many a burger, so you know it’s legit. It is honestly the best make up breakthrough in years. NEAT gets our supply from Lips by Dreé, a distributor in Calgary. If you are interested in trying it out then contact her via her Facebook page, your lips will be so happy that you did!


If you are tired of looking tired but also tired of everyone talking about their fillers then Loschn Facial Bar is where you need to be. This tool-assisted facial is all about stimulating your lymphatic system and promoting circulation to reveal glowing healthy skin, all without the use of product or injectables. Plus it feels amazing and you can go around to all of your friends and brag about your holistic beauty approach. You will just have to assume they are jealous because their filler filled faces won’t actually be able to register the emotion.


Every lady knows that the best way to zhuzh up an outfit without breaking the bank is with accessories. Parts + Labor has got the cheekiest clutches in some great Fall and Winter colors that definitely need to be in your closet.


After you’ve hit up Loschn for a holistic facial may we suggest you continue on the natural train by trying out the MEDIKATE skin care line. These products are free of perfumes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates and parabens. And their best selling product Glow was in the VIP gift bags at the MTV Video Music Awards this past April. So if you want to use the same products that Selena Gomez is using (and sharing with the Bieb’s we presume) then definitely check out MEDIKATE. (Also the Organic Mint Facial Wash smells so good you will want to eat it, but don’t, you’ll be burping up bubbles for dayzzzz, not that we would no firsthand or anything).


Rubaiyat is a favourite of NEATs all year round, but at Christmas time the store becomes especially magical, with the entire space filling up with beautiful Christmas decorations. This glass Popsicle ornament fits in perfectly at NEAT; sweet, sparkly but it will cut ya if you get handsy.

If this series is a hit please let us know below in the comments… and we will pick up in the Q1 of 2018 with some more of our favourite things. So what do you think??


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