You can imagine my disappointment when I found out my favourite restaurant on 17th Avenue in Calgary, Freak Lunchbox, was closing down. Where am I going to get my breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacks? Where am I going to get my sugar rush? Where am I going to get my practical prank gifts? You probably don’t consider Freak Lunchbox a restaurant (which means you are missing out), but I could literally eat candy 24/7 if it didn’t give me so many cavities or make it really difficult to focus on small tasks. But wouldn’t we all? I can see you nodding through the screen, but I’m not entirely sure you love it as much as me… whatever, I get it, you’re a joiner.

Suzanne and I decided we needed to freeze this moment in time. That sweet sweet moment when Freak Lunchbox was still around, filling our lives with joy and goodness. They let us horse around, take photos, eat candy and wear cat masks. What more can a girl ask for? If you’re asking I’ll take a head massage, but if no one’s offering, I’ll take some sour jubes any day.

Image of Kayla Browne having a Candy Crush at Freak Lunchbox in Calgary, read more about it at the neat blog

If there is one take away from this blog post, and we hope there is always at least one take away, it’s never not wear cat masks. They are a conversation starter and ender. But really, never take for granted that you favourite spots will always be there. All of a sudden poof, they’re gone and all you’ll be left with a damn cat mask and no candy to fill that empty void that was a stomach! 2018 is your year! Get it.

Hidden Forest Market green pants, Suara I hate humans shirt, Thrifted jacket (also seen here), Zara colour block scarf, Coach Dinky bag (seen here in Bordeaux), DKNY sneakers

Photos by Suzanne Stewart from NEAT


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