We are a collaborative blog, with three co-founders and a butt load of contributors.  We love our team and we love to hear from our viewers, readers, and stalkers aka NEAT geeks.  Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line, submit some of your neat stuff or let us know your deepest regrets or passionate desires, we are here to listen . . . and then go behind your back and post everything you share with us on our site.  Calm down, we are kidding!

Please submit your neat items to theneatblog@gmail.com, along with a brief written description with a chance to get your work published on our blog!

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Kayla loves anything design (thank god because she is an architect and artist and fashion line co-runner)– from sequin blazers to exposed concrete. She passionately believes in eating nibs and nachos for dinner.  Kayla is currently plotting her revenge. Get in touch with Kayla at kayla@theneatblog.com.

NICK TUMU | Co-Founder

Nick is the tallest of the three. He is an engineer and music buff who enjoys snacking and anything electronic. His favorite movie is Friday and he can often be found sampling a paddle of beers at his local watering hole. He used to have a blackberry and now has a Samsung. Get in touch with Nick at nick@theneatblog.com.


Suzanne suspects she has a thyroid problem because loves food, mainly sugar, that much. She enjoys lounging in sweatpants (more room for eating), thinking about her next meal and her big barrel curling iron. And yes, she will always have seconds. Get in touch with Suzanne at suzanne@theneatblog.com.


JULIE REDMOND | Contributor

Julie is a breakout stylist in Calgary taking the yyc fashion world by storm!  She loves everything gold and pink and clad in leather, including her future pet bunny, Pancakes.  In her spare time Julie can be found in her local alley spray painting miscellaneous household objects gold . . . accompanied by Kayla. Is that a crime? Catch up with Julie here!

LESLIE BROWNE | Contributor

Leslie loves red, chocolate and making utterly ridiculous faces that could scare the pants off the gnarlyest of con-men. Leslie can be found sniping kittens, puppies, bunnies – basically anything that has four legs and fur – from local animal shelters. Check LB out on Instagram here.

GENEVIEVE DALE | Contributor

Geneviève (NOT Genny) is a student and post-program director at CJSW 90.9 fm. She’s a local music junkie and concert hops like it’s her full time job… because for a long time, it was. Check out her street cred here.

JENNY BASSETT | Contributor

Jenny is the ultimate maker of things and stuff. Her specialty is large scale multi media installations, which have been exhibited locally and nationally. She’s as beautiful as she is talented and she’ll be your BFF if you buy her a soda and a pack of nibs. Check out her street cred here.

SARAH KNORR | Photographer

Sarah is more than just a photographer for the Calgary chapter of the NEAT blog – she’s an idea generator, collaborator, fashion maven, French Bull dog lover and owner of Fieldstudy. With her camera in hand, her and her husband trot the globe taking beautiful pictures that can be enjoyed by all. Check out her work here.